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Welcome to the official website of Iposita

The National Post Office (Iposita) is pleased to welcome you and to offer you a variety of services with the aim of meeting your expectations. Iposita is a one stop shop for many services. Meaning that one visit to the post office allows you to send mail, perform banking activities through Postal Checking Accounts Service (CCP), buy airtime, buy electricity, send or receive a parcel and exchange money, and many other services.

At Iposita, we are committed to uphold the following principles:
In our business, the customer is the most important person;
The Customer is here for us, and we are here because of him;
Our Customers do not interrupt our work, but creates it rather;

We are not doing a favor to our Customer by serving him or her, but his/her presence is a favor he/she does to us;
We are sensitive to the sentiments, reactions, wishes and needs of our Customers;
It is a pleasure for us to satisfy the wishes expressed by our Customers;
Our Customers deserve the most courteous and friendly attention we can offer.

We promise to always strive to live by those principles.

Please take a moment to browse the site. If you have any question please call us, email us or talk to one of our staff.