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Franked Mail

For the busy mailroom and mail registries in Companies, Institutions and Government offices, a franking Meter Machine provides a faster, more convenient alternative to affixing postage on mail. Franking meter machines are available from authorized dealers and come in sizes applicable to customer’s needs. A license is needed to operate a franking meter machine through the machine dealer.

A franking meter is handy since it gives the flexibility of franking the postage conveniently within office comfort. This means that you can pay for postage without having to visit the post office.

- Can vary the postage amount according to the applicable rate
- Gives the flexibility of franking the postage conveniently, within office comfort. Enables payment for postage without having to visit the Post office.
- Gives control of customer’s postage expenses, allows easy audit of posting expenses by keeping a record of postage.
- Franked mail bypasses a critical stage in processing, allowing mail to be processed faster.
- Enables advertisements on mail through a slogan die.