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Advice of Delivery Service

This is a supplementary service to the mail service. The objective of the card is to notify the sender of an item once the item has been delivered to the addressee. The sender makes a request at the time of posting the item, and is issued with the card. He/she must then indicate his name and address, and that of the (...)

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Mail Registration

For valuable mail items, use of “Registration” service is recommended. This service is provided globally by all Post offices, so mail items are safe and secure within the Postal network anywhere in the world. Both services guarantee personalized handling of valuable items, with proof of delivery to addressee. Evidence of (...)

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Registration of Newspapers

This service is recommended for use by publishers of newspapers and magazines. The service enables the publishers to transmit their publications through the Post Office at a concessionary postage rate. The customer will pay an annual registration fee.

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International Reply Service

Are you traveling abroad? Would you like to pay a return postage for an item from anywhere in the World? International Reply Coupons are exchangeable for Postage Stamps all over the world. You can purchase these Coupons from any Post Office in Rwanda, and use them in any country to exchange for Postage stamps from that (...)

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